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A “legislature” here can be any source of records of nominative votes (roll call votes).

This list of available legislatures is meant to be extended, with a focus on parliaments and largely guided by data accessibility.

Related resources:

  • VoteWorld (datasets of roll-call voting from various legislative bodies)

European Parliament


Related resources:

United Nations General Assembly

Period covered:1946-2008
Data Source:Erik Voeten and Adis Merdzanovic, “United Nations General Assembly Voting Data”, hdl:1902.1/12379

Related resources:

  • UNBISnet (United Nations Bibliographic Information System)

United States Congress

Chambers:Senate, House of Representatives
Period covered:101st Congress (1988-89) to present
Data source:GovTrack
Tags for selecting roll calls:
 Subjects as assigned by the Congressional Research Service
Tags for selecting voters:
 (planned: comitte membership, party)

Related resources:

  • THOMAS (legislative information from the Library of Congress)
  • VoteView (spatial models of voting, analyses of previous congresses)
  • Sunlight Foundation (web tools for political transparency)

Swiss National Council


Related resources: